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This site focus on experiments and CNC projects started from 2009.  In future, there will be more updates on the experiments as well as information on other ‘maker’ projects.

Making has always been a part of my work.  When I was studying in Bartlett, UCL there was a group called the 16 makers and that name alone fascinated me.  We played with all the workshop tools in school making models for our projects.

With all the technology development today; mainly the cheap China production of low cost low quality tools that has open the door for us the average maker to accessible tools such as the CNC, 3D printer, Laser cutter, ‘oil-less’ compressors etc.  There is no real technology advancement really, just that the price has been driven down to make making a more public accessible domain.

Arduino started a revolution of automation/programming and electronic maker projects.  Now all kids learn to program these arduino board and get help from the forum to solve their programming needs.  People share their interesting projects that inspirit new projects. Knowledge is shared by open source license.

When people share knowledge, new stuff get invented faster.  It is not that programming is made easier by a lot with the invention of the Arduino platform but the forum help had definitely make it a huge success.

The Reprap was the 3d printer based on the concept of a machine reproducing infinite copy of itself.  Well that ideal took off into what we have in today’s 3d printer revolution.  “A printer that print itself” + capitalism = multiple variations of 3d printer that print itself and something else cheaply. $200 3d printer is now available which use to cost a few thousand dollar is definitely a clear result of the open source concept.

As mentioned earlier, low price low quality China made products is now the reality.  If you ever choose to but the cheap China stuff, alway be prepared for trouble.  Human has been trained to be sucker for cheap goods, so we keep on buying the crap from China.  If you like to repair stuff then it is a fantastic avenue to save but then if you consider the amount of time and material parts+tools required for repairing all the cheap variants you get from China, perhaps it is time to think twice about ‘Made in China’.   It is like taking a high risk gamble.  People now buy cheap iphone cables from ebay in bulk of 10 pieces because 10/10 chance they would all fail.  China made USB cables from ebay and amazon are the worst, try to avoid at all cost.

Then there are the illusive alternative energy projects, stuff that decent scientist would avoid. Perceptual motion device is a term that will make all educated people frown.  Over unity is a taboo subject.  Frankly I do not understand how this realm of science has not progress into the public domain.  Since it is taboo i shan’t talk about it further lol.

I just hope to keep my mind open even if the world choose to close theirs.

The original content has been reorganized, some of the original works has been moved to separate web domain:

Healing- www.quantumtouch.weiterk.com

Jewelry design- www.jewelry.weiterk.com

Photography- www.photography.weiterk.com

Gadget- www.coc.weiterk.com